A Social Butterfly

Meet Kerra Aucoin, Lotta Digital’s Social Media Manager

Growing up in a small Acadian community in northern Cape Breton, I have always been a very social person. I was an active community member — from volunteering to waitressing at the local hot spot, I was interacting and networking with people all the time. Meeting new people and hearing their stories has always been an interest to me. That early passion and intrigue of networking continued in my life as I completed my university degree at Saint Mary’s University and started my career as a marketing professional.

As my career progressed, so did the internet and the way we communicate. Starting my marketing/sales career in 2006, my communication with clients was primarily through face-to-face interaction, email or a phone call. A mere 8 years later, I find myself communicating with clients and closing sales via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, at a networking event or texting from a coffee shop.

In 2012, I started a new job where 75% of my time was spent interacting on Facebook, Twitter, attending social events and staying up to date on local news. My reaction was, “Wow, I get paid to attend luncheons, conferences, interact with locals and not get in trouble for being on Twitter or Facebook during work hours”. From that day on, social media has been the focus of my life. I often find myself out in the community seeing a familiar face and thinking to myself, “Do I physically know this person or are we just social media acquaintances?” Social media has helped me keep up with the news & local events, as well as re-connecting with old friends, colleagues, classmates.

It’s funny to think that just a few years ago, it would have been considered rude if someone was on their mobile device while attending a conference/seminar. Today, it is not only acceptable to whip out our mobile devices, but we are often encouraged to take pictures, share info and interact with others about our experience. I recently attended the BizCommCamp in Halifax and made these suggestions when asked how to get the most out of social media at a professional conference event. Here are my five must-dos:

  • 1) Research the speakers and follow them on Twitter prior to the event
  • 2) Interact with others attending the conference via Social Media
  • 3) During breaks & lunch go sit with someone new and learn their story
  • 4) Be open- minded
  • 5) HAVE FUN!

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