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Proud to be calling Halifax home

Meet Pinah G. Kereeletswe, Developer/Program Manager at Lotta Digital. Born and raised in Botswana, Southern Africa, Pinah decided that after high school, she wanted to explore other parts of the world. For that reason, she attended Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio and earned a BS in Management Information Technology. Her first real job after […]

A Social Butterfly

Meet Kerra Aucoin, Lotta Digital’s Social Media Manager Growing up in a small Acadian community in northern Cape Breton, I have always been a very social person. I was an active community member — from volunteering to waitressing at the local hot spot, I was interacting and networking with people all the time. Meeting new […]

Welcome to Lotta Digital

Hello Folks.
It’s Tim here at Lotta Digital, just wanting to invite you to have a look at our new (and always improving) website. As Lotta’s Chief Entrepreneurial Officer I’ll be your conductor for what we hope will be a wild, fun and memorable ride on the ever changing digital tracks.

We’re going to be posting a Lotta information about responsive websites, SEO, mobile apps and other digital marketing to help bring customers to your door. Stay tuned and have a Lotta fun day!