Proud to be calling Halifax home

Meet Pinah G. Kereeletswe, Developer/Program Manager at Lotta Digital.

Born and raised in Botswana, Southern Africa, Pinah decided that after high school, she wanted to explore other parts of the world. For that reason, she attended Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio and earned a BS in Management Information Technology.

Her first real job after university was working in a bank as a Savings & Investment Clerk. She was intrigued by how a banking IT system worked and after being part of an end-user testing team for a new financial system, she knew she had chosen the right career. She was hooked!

What she mostly learned from that experience is that technology should always compliment abusiness. So now, while she is developing a new website, she asks herself how her solution solves or improves the client`s business.

Over the next few years, Pinah tried on several different hats off the IT rack including quality assurance, business analysis and project management. Then in January 2011, she decided that Halifax should be the next stop in her journey. Soon, she fell in love. The scenery, the culture and, mostly, the people, had all won her over. Now all she needed was a job. While on the hunt, she frequented various networking events and ended up making great friends and meeting business and community leaders — one of whom was Mike Flynn (VP Strategy & Development).

Pinah recalls, “During our chat, Mike mentioned that his company might be looking for a person with a skill set like mine. But time soon passed and so did my hope of finding a job and staying in Halifax. I sadly began preparations to move back to Botswana. Out of pure luck, my story was mentioned to Mike by a networking friend and, having remembered our first meeting, Mike contacted me. A few short meetings later, I accepted the position with Lotta Digital and was thrilled to be able to officially call Halifax my new home.”

When Pinah isn’t working on the back end of a website, she’s working on her back hand on the tennis courts. She’s also an avid runner (at least until knee problems slowed her down) and enjoys participating in networking and community events.

Pinah’s go-to websites include:

Pinah’s favorite quote: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

And a final tip: always remember … Business is like art; it starts as an idea, but takes time and skill to perfect and sell the idea.