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Jeff Lawley


Scotia Fuels

“Scotia Fuels has nothing but positive feedback on our experience working with Lotta Digital. Tim approached us with a vision to upgrade our website and shortly following we began to receive more inquires and requests to become customers. We expressed our appreciation and asked the question: That was great, how can we get more customers? Lotta Digital took us on a path we were unfamiliar with but led us to a place we knew we wanted to be. Before Lotta Digital, we would receive calls to our office requesting information from potential customers and possibly signing up with us. Now we get calls and emails with the simple request: I want to become a customer! Consumers these days do their homework online and Lotta Digital has set us up to be in a great positon to get the new business we want. Thank you so much Lotta Digital!“

Dave Hatter,

Sales & Marketing Manager,

Data Wiring Solution

When it comes to creating a professional, attractive, and effective website, Lotta Digital exceeded all expectations! Thanks to their talent, our site has taken off in the search engines like a rocket. In this day and age, it is impossible to get ahead as a business without the support of the amazing talents at Lotta Digital standing behind you. Their attention to detail was second to none. In no time at all we a had a tremendous website; this, along with their ongoing support, our website maintains a fresh look that has gone above and beyond our expectations. We could not have picked a better team of professionals to represent us. They are and will remain our “web guys” for years to come.

Andrew McLeod,

President & COO,

Sona Nanotech

“The website development process with the team at Lotta Digital was the most enjoyable immersive customer centric web project I have ever done. Their business model is a complete disruption of the typical agency model allowing the customer to lead content and design generation in real-time online collaboration. My team at Sona Nanotech is starting a major content upgrade to our website and I am looking forward to the process because I get to work at my speed and I get a whole “Lotta Digital” response time in return.”

Andrea Hare


Alliance Dental

“We are a large dental company with offices all around Nova Scotia. We are very good at what we do when it comes to dentistry, but things like website design, SEO, logo design, and branding makes our dental brains spin. We knew we needed help! We needed a web presence and intuitively, we knew our website needed to look good on smartphones…but we had no idea how to execute this. We spoke with a few different web designers, but Lotta Digital was the only company who provided the WHOLE package. We jumped on board with Lotta Digital, and the process was absolutely AMAZING! Lotta Digital held our hand through to the end. We got an amazing new website, a fantastic new logo, and continued ongoing support. Time is precious in any business, but in our business, we actually measure our time in units. Other then providing input into defining our brand, and working with the website’s copywriter, the whole process took very little of our time “units.” They took care of EVERYTHING and they never missed a detail. Soon, we had a phenomenal website, with great SEO, which was seamless between platforms, and they whole time we continued to focus on what we do best…making smiles beautiful!“

Lotta Services

We consider the success of YOUR business OUR business.

We provide a LOTTA Digital services, all geared to put your business in the spotlight and bring you the biggest audience.  To achieve this, we sourced a team of creative and technical talent from around the world. Together we understand that our business is all about helping yours. Let us tell you more about our 4 core service offerings…

Responsive Website Design and Development

  • Designs that translate across mobile, tablet and desktop

  • Creative content, graphics and interactivity

  • Custom code development – HTML5, CSS3, JS (for the geeks)

  • Project-based budgets versus hourly development costs


Mobile Website/App Design and Development

We create stunning mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Windows phone platforms. Even if you aren’t familiar with the wonders of this technology, our team of 50 designers, developers and QA professionals will devise an app to help bring customers to your door. They’ve already developed successful mobile applications for over 100 mobile websites over the last 12 months.

Graphic Design, Videos and Animations

  • Custom logo design

  • Creative / Graphics for print including large format

  • Creation of digital animation and video editing for web use


Digital Marketing, SEO and PPC

  • All facets of digital marketing to make your brand stand out

  • Keywords, on-page & off-page SEO and effective measurable reporting

  • Pay-per-click marketing targeted to your specific audience


Understanding Our Clients

One thing we hear from our clients is that they don’t have a lotta time to spend with us; and we certainly understand that! Fortunately, our team leaders come from diverse backgrounds and have experience in most consumer and service related industries. So we do a lotta homework on our own before making sure that your company’s vision and passions are conveyed to your customers on line.

Quality Assurance

The rapidly changing technology can be compared to a highway riddled with detours. Our QA team doesn’t stop doing their job when you site or app is launched. We keep a watchful eye to ensure that your customers stay on course and get a smooth ride all the way to your digital door.

Turning Goals into Achievements

What do you strive for? Increased sales? Customer retention? New business opportunities? If there’s a way to accomplish your goal using a digital marketing method, we’ll do it. We’ll dream it up, design it, build it, test it and deliver it — without it costing a whole lotta money.

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