12 Domain Name Registration Tips And Guidelines

12 Domain Name Registration Tips and Guidelines

If you want to register a really cool domain name, the following tips and guidelines may be very helpful.

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1: Include Your Business, Product Or Service In The Name. If you are going online to do business i.e. get money. Then having what you do in your name is a must. Why? The main reason is Google and the search engines. People searching for Hard Drives are never going to find a site named Who cares? You do. So will tell the search engines, and the search engines will tell your visitor.

2: Use Google For FREE. If you want people to come yo your website for any form of business then do this. Go to Type in a keyword from your business i.e. Best domain name registrars and wait a few seconds for Google to bring you back a long list of related keywords and synonyms. Here you get to see what people are searching for on a monthly basis. You'll discover some excellent ideas for names. Many names popular name may be taken, but it's a great resource to help. Oh yes. Its FREE!

2: Dot Com Is King. If you want a dot net, dot org, or dot info for a certain purpose go ahead. But if not, dot com is King. If your domain name is good and dot com is free get it STRAIGHT AWAY! We know a good number of people who thought up a great name and then thought about it for so long, they lost it. Got a great name? Then buy it after reading this.

3: Your Name. If you're a Musician, Artist or your name is your reputation, then register your name and it's variations ASAP. Using your own name as your business name is a no-wisdom. If you think you may use it in the future, grab it now. You'll normally be first up in the search engines with your own name, unless it's John Smith.

4: Short and Sweet. Maybe. Shorter names can be remembered easier yeah. But. If your business is an Online only business, then short names aren't so important, as most people will use search engines to find you. If you going to use paperwork and or you're having an Online store to go with your offline store then try to keep the name short.

5: To-Hyphen-Or-Not-To-Hyphen? OK. Some folk say yes, some say no. If the domain name that you want is taken then hyphenate the same name and of you go. Advantages are: Its fine for the search engines, Google view hyphens as gaps and read them faster then non hyphenated. We read a recent site post that talked of a similar story, the lenses that we're hyphenated got indexed slightly quicker by Google than their non hyphenated sites. Could be true, could be urban legend. The choice is yours.

6: Meaningful, No In Jokes. Leading on from point 1. If you want to get people over to your site, then the name must convey a very good idea of what your business or service does. Coming up with a zany short snappy name may sound cool to you and your friends, but to the rest of the world. Again Google, Yahoo and co won't get it, and if they don't, then visitors wont. Would you call your website something like Google?

7: Be Unique: Having your business or service in the name is great, but try to also give it a unique spin. Don't spin it to far out though.

8: Unsure? Make A List. If you are unsure of a name, then make a list as you search. Keep the list and when you've got a few names together ask a few friend or sleep on it and see which one bites your head off in the morning. That's your name. And remember, once you have the name that excites you. BUY IT NOW! We've been through the great unregistered name syndrome, it can be a right pain.

9: Time. OK. Confession. We've lost couple of names that fell out of use and we didn't renew them on time. If you have a great name register that name for as long as possible . Well repeat that again, as long as possible . Don't think I'll save a few quid on this. Buy and make it yours.

10: Buy It! Yep, we've said it before. Once you have a name that clicks all buttons, go buy. Most Web Hosts are throwing in a free domain with their hosting plans and some web hosts are giving you a free name for life. Get the hosting plan with the free name and then buy any other version you may need. You can Domain Park your names with your host.

11: .mobi Mobile devices are a fast and growing area. For most people starting a new online business .mobi may not seem to sexy. But, many of the big and not so big brands are registering their .mobi sites. The growing iPhone and Blackberry etc, markets are only going to grow.You may not need a .mobi site today.But a few years from now will be completely different. People are searching for stuff on their mobile device more and more each day. Again, grab the domain whilst there still available.

12: More Than One Domain Name? If you've a great name and your using it for your brand, a good idea, if you have the cash, is to register as many versions of the name as you can. Get the dot or the dot info or the dot biz. Its a cheap way to protect your brand name and anyone who is searching for you and types in any of the other dot names will be brought to your site.

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