Starting Your Own Blog

Starting Your Own Blog

How are you? I am looking to start up my own blog and try to make money from it. I purchased blogging for dumbies but am still worried about how I can actually do it? Do you have some hints or tips for me?


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Ive decided that I will answer this readers question in the form of a post to help her out and anyone else that has this very same question. So without further delay here is my top 5 tips for beginner bloggers .

1. Blog Design My first tip for beginner bloggers is to get a blog design that is going to be unique and your own. If you have the cash I would recommend hiring someone to design it for you if you do not know how. If you can't afford that, simply take one of the millions of free themes out there and edit it to suit your needs. This way you can save your money and when you can afford too, get a nicer design. There is no big rush for now.

2. Write good content My second tip is to write good content. If you continue towrite good informative, interesting, and quality posts then people are going to want to read your blog. Just make sure you post consistently and keep plugging away. As a blogger you will need to constantly write as much as your can.

3. Comment on other blogs The best way to get noticed early on is to comment on other blogs and let others know you exist. By commenting on other blogs you will get free back links and more chances of people visiting your site. If you comment on another bloggers blog they will probably click back and return the favour for you. This is the easiest way to build relationships with other bloggers early on.

4. Do not over monetize My fourth tip is to make sure you do not over stuff your blog with monetizing. The first month or two should just be about building up your readership and branding yourself. Then after you get a few posts going and are getting some decent traffic, you can monetize. I suggest that you start with adsense and then build up from there.

5. Patience My last and final tip is patience. If you really plan on making money online you will need patience, and a lot of it. Making money from blogging does not happen over night, and never will. Patience is a virtue and sometimes there is nothing you can do except sit back and wait.

So there are my five tips for beginner bloggers Jackee. I hope you all enjoyed them and they helped you out. If anyone wishes to add something to the list feel free to do so, and go right ahead.

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