An Extraordinary Enigma For You

An Extraordinary Enigma for You!

I 'like' many business pages in my area that I know are managed by local owners. While it's a good cost-saving practice, often, these owners have zero media or marketing training. Social media is media, and every message has to be as appropriate as publishing it in the paper.

In the last few weeks, a local restaurant has posted several times about being tired, been combative over not offering certain products and other not-so positive messages. A piece of advice that always rings true is that negative messages, such as bad news or negative posts, are so much more likely to receive interactions from fans. Why? Well, if you saw statuses like this, would you like them?

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Of course I don't 'like' someone being pooped about prepping. Do I 'like' that they don't use cheap meat? Well, I would hope so!

Here are my suggestions for editing these posts

1. We take pride in the quality of ingredients we serve our customers! Our beef is marinated in kiwi juice for hours, providing a tender filling with no added sugar or additives.

2. After a long night of prepping, we are ready to see you here tomorrow! Here is a picture of what we have in store for you!

Do you see how the language changes the sentiment entirely? It makes me feel like you appreciate your customers, that you strive to provide the best quality product and that you are working your tail off to provide a superior product. Do I 'like' this? I would!

Always think of how you can take the positive approach and watch your engagement numbers increase!

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