A Terrific Blog And Several Things To Consider

A Terrific Blog and Several Things to Consider

First of all, what is social media? Here is one definition:

Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Sounds simple enough doesn't it? Then why do so many wannabe internet marketers at best not use it effectively, or at worst, ignore it all together?

Well maybe I can she'd some light on that, because I was one of those wannabes and only now am I beginning to appreciate how it helps both marketers and consumers.

To market anything successfully you have to have an audience and a targeted audience at that. To get the attention of that audience, people have to know about you. The more people the better. And enabling that to happen is something that social media is extremely good at.

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So why aren't more marketers using it? Well, I believe that it comes down to understanding how social media functions and what the opportunities are. The problem with that for many people is that it is/was a rapidly developing phenomenon and just when you thought that you we're beginning to get a grasp of a platform (Im actually thinking about Facebook here) it changes.

I must admit to still finding Facebook a bit of a puzzle. I can use it and understand it as a concept, but it's presentation, for me, isn't intuitive. Anyone else have that problem? But, the important thing is to understand how it can help you to increase your audience, because once you know that the skys the limit.

I started by using Facebook for PPC advertising, but in it's early days Facebook Ads wasnt great and like many PPC marketers, found it to be prohibitively expensive and gave up on it. Although this was true to some extent, what wasnt immediately apparent then was that you could dramatically reduce expenditure (cost per click) by increasing your click thru rate (apologies to those of you who aren't familiar with PPC I recommend Chris Carters Info Cash if you want know how PPC works). Much more so, it seems than within Google Adwords.

Facebook have another option on their advertising platform which is CPM or Cost per thousand. In other words, you pay per thousand impressions. This is very similar to how banner advertising works and not for the faint hearted. More about that another time.

Since then, other ways of using Facebook to build an audience have gained credence, such as Facebook Pages and there are numerous courses springing up showing you how to use them for your marketing campaigns.

My point is that you need to be aware of the developments in social media and it's platforms if you are to utilise them effectively and I believe this is why people have been a bit slow to embrace them.

The other social media platform I must quickly mention is of course Twitter. I do have a Twitter account but I must admit, I'm still trying to understand what Twitter is actually for. Yes I understand that you can follow people and be followed and send messages of 140 characters

Social media is important to your internet marketing activities. I was talking with a blogger last night and she is getting loads of traffic to her niche blog. When I asked her (of course!) where her traffic was coming from, the answer was Facebook and Twitter.

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