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Header Design

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I've had a graphics company design my header and I'm really pleased with it. I think the overall look of a site is very important and so I spent some time thinking about the design of my blog. My first header, that I put together myself, didn't look too clever and had to be changed!

Obviously everyone has different tastes, but I'd looked at a few other sites to get a general feel of what I thought was the best overall look and felt that a clean looking site was the way to go. Some of the sites I came across had strange colour themes or we're laid out in a messy fashion. I felt that a clean, simple look, which was easy on the eye would serve my visitors best.

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I was recommended the graphics company through John Thornhill's course. I have no experience with graphic companies and wouldn't know the foggiest of designing a professional looking header myself so I had to leave it to the experts.

The experts in question we're GFX-1. Again, I have placed this company within the recommended section over on the right as I can certainly vouch for them.

The process was quite simple. I was taken to their order page from a link in John's course. Once you make your payment up front, you are then asked to submit your description of how you want your design to look, what colours you'd like, the layout you would like and the wording you require.

Next you can submit any images that you want adding and any final details that you want to tell the designer about. Once all that is done, you just wait for your design to be emailed to you.

On their site, GFX-1 advise that your design should usually take 24 hours and no longer than 48. I submitted my design on a Saturday morning and didn't really expect a reply till Monday.

Well, talk about a fast service, I received two designs that same afternoon!

After a slight revision that I asked for on the initial design, my header was ready to be uploaded to my blog, which is easy to do using the Media upload function.

And that was the whole process from start to finish. Nothing complicated at all.

So if you are wanting to change your header to a better, more professional looking design, don't worry or wonder how to go about it. Just get yourself over to the guys at GFX-1 and you'll be sorted.

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