Social Media Outlets

Social Media Outlets

It's better to do 2 or 3 social media outlets well than to spread your self across 5 or 6, but not really use each to their full potential. It makes sense, there are only so many hours in the daywould you rather spend your time building a deep community on 2 social media outlets, or have just a handful of spotty friends/followers on 6 social media sites? I'd go with deep community any day of the week.

Go Where Your Customers/Readers Are

This one makes sense as well, but sometimes the obvious is so obvious that we overlook it. If you're a DIY blogger, then your readers are much more likely to be on Pinterest than LinkedIn. The opposite may be true for freelance consultants the people who are looking to hire you are interested in your work background, projects, etc, and probably aren't trolling Pinterest looking for them. Unfortunately, this may mean you have to delve into one of your less favorite social media sites, but lovey, them's the breaks.

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One Last Point

It was mentioned that LinkedIn is one of the very few social media sites on which it's okay to have a profile but not be really active. It's perfectly acceptable to put up your LinkedIn page, fill it with all your awesome accomplishments, and then just let it hang for a while. When you have another noteworthy achievement definitely update your page, but no one who sees your profile will think twice if you haven't popped into the site for a few weeks.

So there you have it. Now go out there and kick some butt!

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