See It All Started Thursday Night When I Got Home From Work The Modem

See it all started Thursday night when I got home from work. The modem...

See it all started Thursday night when I got home from work. The modem wasn't syncing up. Called Comcast they said they would send someone out on Friday. Later that night service was up and running again so I figured it was just their typical lack of communication from area of the company to the other and the customer service rep just didn't know about an outage. Canceled the appointment Friday and Friday night service is out again. Call them back and they tell me they will send someone Saturday afternoon. We didn't have any plans so I agreed.

Fast forward to Saturday. The tech was supposed to come out Saturday between 12pm-4pm. At 2:45pm someone calls my cell phone from a number in another state. Its the dispatch company looking for their tech because they can't find him anywhere and they wondered if he had been to my house yet. Yeah, not a good sign. They assure me I am the next appointment on his list and he will be here by 4pm. 4pm comes and goes, I call back to the out-of-state number and they tell me they will try to reach him and get an ETA and call me back. 4:15pm they call to say he will be here by 5pm. 5:30pm no tech.

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So I call the dispatch company back and this time the person that answers the phone is rude. I tell her he hasn't shown up yet and she says to me I don't know what traffic is like where you are but here where I am it's a nightmare at 5pm. Hell be there when he can get there. I was stunned because her tone was very rude and I wanted to put her back in her place right then and there but I opted instead to call Comcast and file a formal complaint.

I know it's not unusual for the techs to show up much later than they are scheduled for; my real issue was the treatment by the dispatch company. They are the ones that started calling my house looking for their employee. They are the ones that called me, telling me they had spoken to him and that he was driving to my house at that very moment and would be there in 45 minutes. And then they we're the ones that got an attitude.

Results? A credit to my account equivalent to two months service and the tech showed up at 6:30pm. He swapped out my modem and then couldn't get it online. He finally gave up and said it was a maintenance issue and left. I went on the computer and could download email but couldn't get a browser window to load. Hmm. Thats strange. I then went into the LAN settings and they we're wrong. I fixed them myself and we have been online ever since. Good thing the tech finally showed up, huh?

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