Hps Array Of Proven Big Data Solution Pieces

HPs array of proven big data solution pieces

HP possesses a full array of proven big data solution pieces. While not quite placing HP in the same position to offer bottom-to-top big data solutions like IBM, a combination of HPs servers, storage, networking, services, HP Vertica and HP Autonomy, joined with as applicable additional 3rd party parts, could yield plenty of nearly single-source big data solutions. Why it took so long for HP to conjure up such through-and-through HP solutions, replete with services, is open to conjecture, but HP just arrived at long last with a comprehensive set of big data options.

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Yesterday at HP Discover in Las Vegas, HP announced many steps to step across it's silos to offer customers a wider big data solution set, and it refers to that effort as HAVEn. HAVE = Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertica, and Enterprise Security, and the little n suggests all the hundreds of other potential points of partnership and/or integration. Associated with HAVEn, HP also unveiled expansion of it's big data consulting practice focused on IT services for big data, the establishment of a more business-oriented HP Actionable Analytics Services practice, converged infrastructure for Hadoop and Vertica it calls respectively HP AppSystems for Hadoop and HP AppSystems for Vertica, and a list of IT operations and management oriented solutions that proffer analytics.

Congratulations HP. You put in a huge effort to begin wrapping all of your big data solution parts, both in terms of actual solution offerings, or loosely wrapped in terms of marketing. On one hand, what took you so long, on the other hand this is a move absolutely in the right direction. One devilish detail, however, may undermine HPs heroic effort.

Increasingly, big data is less about the technology, and more about the benefit to the organization making the big data investment. That is, big data is shifting towards being business value led, not technology led. Organizations are more so looking for analytics apps, less so looking for generalized platforms, and even less so technology services projects. Technology services projects are becoming subsumed by the analytic apps projects. That means that domain experience, in a vertical industry, or in a horizontal business function, counts as an essential.

What HP has done is offer up a considerably-sized kitchen sink of big data solutions, but in terms of vertical or horizontal focus, HP has thus far only come up with IT operations and management offerings, and even there nothing obviously focused for augmenting IT with analytics a la Netuitive, Splunk, Starview or SumoLogic. Taking another page from IBM, the IBM PureSystems approach, while not perfectly clear in it's structure, does offer customers an opportunity to acquire a solution coming from whatever angle the customers prefers to pursue technological, horizontal, or vertical.

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