Drive Traffic To Your Business Blog In 7 Easy Steps

Drive Traffic to Your Business Blog in 7 Easy Steps

Blogging for business can be both fun and profitable - but not if nobody's reading. Here are seven steps to generating traffic for your business blog.

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1. Submit to blog directories

Submitting your blog to blog directories won't always drive a huge amount of traffic, but it will get links out there - and these can help your search engine rankings. In addition, some directories are more like blogging social networks, with active members who are seeking to make connections with other bloggers. Memberships in these sites can be useful for any blogger.

2. Read and comment on other blogs

One of the best ways for a beginning blogger to get noticed is by leaving comments on other blogs. Many blogs allow you to leave a link to your own blog automatically during your sign-in process, so avoid leaving another link in your comments-it looks promotional. Make your comments insightful-think of them as tiny "teasers" for the type of writing you do on your blog-and avoid commenting on blogs that are outside your niche.

3. Write articles that link to your blog

You can generate traffic by writing articles for article directories that link back to your blog. Some of the larger article directories have decent search engine placement, so your articles will be more likely to come up in search engine results-especially in the beginning-than articles on your blog.

4. Comment on forums and link to your blog in the signature

Find a few well-attended forums that cater to the market you're writing for. Join and write a signature that includes a link back to your site. Then make comments, ask questions, and offer useful advice. People will see your advice and, if they like your comments, they may follow the link back to your blog.

5. Build a blogroll and let other bloggers know you're there

Your blogroll isn't just a list of links-it's a marketing tool. When you build yours, click on each link a few times-this will ensure your URL shows up as a traffic source to bloggers who check their traffic stats, and most do. In addition, send an email to people you link to. Tell them you enjoy their blog and you've linked to it on your new blog. Try to avoid asking for a link; if you're lucky and other bloggers like your writing, they may return the favor.

6. Join a blog network

Blog networks are sites that promote content from blogs within a certain niche market-work-at-home moms, Gen-X employees, entrepreneurs, and so on. Some blog networks are open to all, but many will review your website to determine if you're a match. If you get listed in one, you could see exposure to a large audience of people interested in your topic-and a significant jump in traffic.

7. Market your blog offline

Let customers know about your blog by promoting it in your newsletter, printing it's address on your business cards, or including a notice about it along with your shipped products. You can also print it's address on promotional gifts, tell customers about it during trade shows and conventions, or send out a mailing advertising it to your established customers.

These tips are easy enough for anyone to follow; all they take are a little time and writing skill. If you put in the time, you will see traffic in the end.

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