An Ineffable Subject That Youll Simply Love

An Ineffable Subject That You'll Simply Love!

In Wednesday's post, I wrote about the 5 key components of building your own internet traffic machine which would, in turn, generate prospects within your target market. As we go into the internet presenting ourselves and advertising our opportunity; we have got to drive these potential prospects to a place where they can become acquainted with us and our opportunity. This is really a high tech application of relationship marketing.

So, how is that done exactly? That is done by creating an internet site that will serve as a central hub, so to speak, for all of our internet activities. This site will contain personal as well as professional material. It is a site where people can come and get to know us at their own pace. This will be a site features a certain amount of interaction as well. We will place information which will help people and perhaps entertains them too.

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This type of internet site is called a blog. Over time, blogs will contain a wealth of information about a person and their business. People can be informed, entertained, and edified. And you can easily create and maintain a blog with little, if any, technical experience. This can also be done on a very small budget.

Your blog is your internet identity. It presents you as a real person. It also presents your business opportunity and any affiliate programs you represent. From this platform you will create and publish information for your target audience. As you create trust and rapport with your target audience, you earn the right to present your business as a high quality option for people to consider. As you go through the fabulous world of the internet interacting on social networks, bookmarking sites, forums, marketing, and advertising you will anchor these activities back to your blog. This is a place where you will drive interested people from your target audience to go to get to know you and, in turn, your business.

This will serve as the beginning of a sales funnel. This is where interested people will find out about you, what you do, and how you do it. Again, this is a modern application of relationship marketing. As they sort through the information you place on your blog, they will move through the process to become a customer or even a business partner.

Wee' how is that done? I can't possibly do that. I wouldn't know what to write. I would be out of ideas in less than a week! What then? Well, slow down cowboys and ladies, let's pick up on this theme again early next week. After we have covered the 5 components, we will spend considerable time on the magnetic core (your blog).

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