For Me Discovering A New Writer Or Blogger On The Internet Is Like A

For me, discovering a new writer or blogger on the internet is like a...

For me, discovering a new writer or blogger on the internet is like a child bursting with excitement at 6am on Christmas morning, waiting to tear into all the goodies underneath the tree. I get all giddy, I can't sit still, and I just want to read EVERY SINGLE POST ALL AT ONCE. QUICKKKKK!!!! That's pretty much how I felt when I found the Thought Catalog blog. In particular, Brianna Wiest who writes the super most relatable posts ever on all things life.

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Brianna's post 18 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But Actually being Shy and Introverted was so heart warming for me. Ah, finally, someone else gets my split personality and what appears to be excessive indecisiveness of whether I'm the loud and crazy social butterfly or the quiet girl who prefers to sit at home drinking tea and reading a good book.

Sometimes I feel like a fake. I can go to every party, be out every weekend, constantly catching up with friends. I can stand up in front of a lecture theatre full of people and do a presentation with apparent ease, I can forget my lines during the graduation performance of acting school and just roll with it, I can make speeches up on the spot, I can dance on tables, I can take charge in any situation. I'm the girl sitting on people's shoulders at music festivals, I'm the one who stumbles into the party and get's lovable comments like "look out, here's trouble".

Sometimes I love that. But most times I'm a little ball of anxiety who just wants to blend in to the crowd and who is secretly daydreaming about being home in bed, curled up with a good book and a cup of tea. And that's my daily struggle.

Brianna writes:

"4. When you do choose tograce a party with your presence, you are the life of it. Youre dancing on the table and doing body shots until 3 a.m.

5. You then retreat into three days of complete solitude to recover."

Then there's the whole debacle of social media. I have weeks where I'll update every single day and feel desperate to tell every person on the planet about the amazing day I've just had. Then sometimes I want to keep that to myself and make it special in my memory. And then sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of night and freak out about how much of myself I put online and want to delete everything. I have done this before. See ya Instagram, see ya facebook. Only to regret it a couple of weeks later and have to start all over again in the world of networking. As the list explains:

"9. You retain an air of mysteriousness about you, completely unintentionally. (Theres no mystery. You just feel no need to update the social sphere on what's going on in your life every two hours.)

10. Not to mention the fact that you either have days in which you're tweeting and status updating every five minutes or you delete your accounts for a month."

Number eleven is a big one for me:

"11. You become unintentionally awkwardbecause you at once feel the need to be a social life jacket for other people, though you're just as uncomfortable yourself."

For years and years, I've always felt like I need to be the one to stand up, to go first, to make the plans, to be the leader, to go out. Even when I didn't want to. Because if I don't, then some of my quieter, more introverted friends won't. Then they'll miss out on all these amazing experiences. And I can't have that. That's a he'll of a lot of responsibility I was putting on my own shoulders. As I've grown, I've come to accept that I can't 'mother' everyone and the life experience's of my friends is not up to me. If they aren't going to step out of their comfort zone, I can't do it for them.

Then there's the conundrum of people thinking they know what kind of person you are:

"13. Youre always thrown into the wringer because people think you're best suited to be the one who gives the presentation, confronts the boss, gives the speech, etc. Meanwhile, you're practically throwing up over the thought of it."

Dead set, it has ALWAYS been me who has to do. Give me a break people, I'm only acting here. And even though I mostly always manage to pull it off, I might just throw up in your face from my nerves.

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