5 Reasons Article Marketing Should Be In Your Arsenal Of Marketing Tools

5 Reasons Article Marketing Should be In Your Arsenal of Marketing Tools

As many of you know (or might not know), I got my start with article marketing back about a year and a half ago. I failed at it then (meaning I quit writing articles) but I've come back into the fold over the last year, learned a ton, and now enjoy article marketing again.

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I truly believe that with a lot of practice that anyone can make a decent living with article marketing simply by selling some articles, monetizing other articles in different ways, and getting residual traffic from the search engines from all the content that you've created.

With that being said the absolute #1 reason why people overlook article marketing is because it actually takes work to succeed at it.

That's too bad because with WordPress and some plugins, you can be listed in google in just a few short weeks. Not bad seeing as to how everyone wants to be in Google (even though that's not necessarily going to make you money).

So Here are A Few More Reasons (5 To Be Exact) To Have Article Marketing in Your Arsenal of Tools


1. It Makes You A Disciplined Marketer

I sincerely doubt if more than 10% of "internet marketers" have the stamina to write 3 solid articles a day. That might seem arrogant but let me explain my logic.

Many people are always searching for a "magic bullet" and other shortcut systems instead of hustling and working their butt off. I still don't know why people fall for this (laziness I suppose) but the fact is THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS!

That last sentence is the damn truthand should be ignored at your peril. Writing 3 articles per dayto your blog, a directory, to your list, to a forum, or to be sold in a package deal, will make you disciplined and diligent. It might not be sexy but it will make you successful (eventuallyno overnight success story here).

Being disciplined will help you create more products, get more done in less time, and be more efficient in everything you do online. So get to writing!

2. The Ability to Leverage Content

If you are article marketing, you can use a 400 word article as an outline to a short report, ebook, or even video course. Once the research is done, changing the format to bigger (and more profitable) products doesn't take much time.

If I choose to do so, I can turn one 400 word article into 6 different pieces of content in no time flat (this is one of my products on article marketing).

Leveraging content is one of the easiest ways to get more out of everything that you do. That's one of the main points of online productivityalways get 110% out of everything that you do.

3. An Easy Way to Build A Relationship with Your Audience

One thing that drives me crazy is that many marketers only use blogs as a subtle (or not so subtle) sales tool to get people to buy or be persuaded. Now, as a marketer, I'd be dishonest if I said I didn't want you to read my blog and eventually buy one of my products. The difference is that I trust that after reading my stuff you will want to buy. But I give first.

For me, the reason I blog is as a creative outlet for marketing advice that I've learned over the last year and a half. Yes, I want to eventually make money with my blogbut I'm not worried about that right now. I have other income streams

I believe that this should be your perspective tooinvest in a blog for your articles and build a fan base that is truly passionate about YOU and will buy stuff because YOU recommended it

This is really only done with article marketing.

4. With Proper Research, Search Engine Traffic Can Follow

This is one of the main reasons many people use articles. They write keyword stuffed articles and they're boring and no one clicks on them from the article directory. But you get a backlinkwhich (supposedly) will make you rank higher in the search results.

For me, that little backlink hasn't done much to be completely honest. Most of the traffic from directories (fi you use the keyword stuff methodwhich I failed at and don't recommend) is other people just checking out your site as competitors not prospects.

Why would they? You have a keyword filled article which isn't really helpful and isn't unique/fun/pleasure to read and thus no one clicks.

I believe that if you write an article it should be awesomeevery time. This is where discipline, knowning your audience, and working your butt off come into play. This won't be too difficult once you do it for a little bit (within a week or two should be enough). But consistently writing informed articles not only makes you a lot of fans relatively fast (most experts take years to be known as thatyou can be an expert a lot sooner with this this is an affiliate link but I bought it a while back) but it can be quite fun to see the results.

So I recommend writing articles the search engines AND your audience will love. No reason to be mutually exclusive here.

5. Articles Breed Authority

If you we're to have 150 articles driving traffic to your blog/website, what would you do?

Let's go a step further, what if those articles we're all unique to you?

If you practice, you can get up to 3-5 articles per day that are super high quality.

That means you have 150 articles in 30-50 days! How would that change your life?

Authority breeds trust and trust breeds sales. So if you can create lots of articles that are unique to your experience (not rehashed junk that everyone else produces) you'll differentiate yourself from the back of other marketers/"experts" and have an audience that is just dying for your next bit of info.

Well there you have it5 reasons you should be article writingso GET TO IT!!!

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