Digital vs Traditional Marketing

Lately, business owners will likely have heard discussions concerning comparisons between digital marketing and traditional marketing. So, what are the differences and do you need to take a plunge into the digital marketing waters?

Traditional marketing involves the use of media everyone is aware of: TV and radio advertising, magazine ads, billboards and business cards, even word of mouth to name a few. These means have been mainstays for promoting products and services and while they still enjoy a large share of marketing spend, this appears to be declining over recent periods.

Digital marketing includes websites, newsletters, blogs, text messaging, YouTube videos and social media posts. Considerably less expensive than traditional media, these digital strategies are often measurable, have a broader reach and can be targeted at specific groups of potential buyers. Other activities such as Google and Facebook ads can also provide a much bigger ‘bang for the buck’ than traditional advertising.

At Lotta Digital, we believe that having a clean, modern, mobile-friendly website is the tip of the spear. Making sure that your site has simple and concise content that reflects the brand and messaging you want to promote to your prospective customers is paramount. But how do you get prospects to visit your website? We think this is where digital marketing takes over.

Lotta has partnered with a Nova Scotia-based international leader in digital marketing automation to offer its customers powerful ways to reach and promote to target audiences. With over 15 channels of communication including Facebook, email, SMS, surveys and Twitter, a customer relationship management system can be set up and campaigns conceived, developed, implemented and measured, often with little input from business owners and managers, saving countless hours of precious time.

Lotta will continue to build beautiful, responsive websites with great content.Now, more than ever, we are recommending that our customers take a good look at digital marketing and its cost-effective ROI. Contact us today if you’d like to hear more about our programs and how we can get your phones ringing. We’d love to talk.





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