Responsive Web Design

Looking to ‘Go Responsive’ with your new website?

Responsive Web Design is a technology which automagically (yes, we made that
word up) adjusts your website for the best viewing experience. So if your customer is
on a mobile device, tablet or big screen monitor, they will be able to read, navigate,
re-size, pan and scroll with minimal effort; making their user experience easy and intuitive.
Whether you’re interested in a mobile-specific website or a true responsive website design,
we’re ready to help you enhance the experience for your site’s visitors.

Responsive On Everything

More than just Responsive Technology, Lotta Digital offers Responsive Service.

When you become a Lotta Digital customer, you’ll have full access to your creative and technical team.  Throughout the development and launch of your project and beyond, you can communicate directly to your assigned team via an efficient on line tool, Basecamp.   No longer will you have to wait for a call-back from an account manager or get in line for the next available agent.

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A Lotta great things happen when you’re responsive

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