About Shanti Hot Yoga

Shanti is an independently-owned, family-run yoga studio, established in the spring of 2012. For 2 years prior to that, Shanti’s owners were part of a national studio, during which time they witnessed their students grow and change through yoga and wanted to do more to assist each one’s personal journey – more than could be achieved as part of the national organization. It was time for the owners to take their own journey in a new direction. And so, Shanti came to be.
The name, Shanti, is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘peace’ – the keystone value on which the owners run the business and live their lives. The Shanti logo is a rendition of the Peace Tree, created by local artist, Kelsey Walker. It serves as a reminder of a vision for peace and as a symbol of the opportunity we each have to grow throughout our lifetime.
The studio offers a variety of classes, levels, and teachers to families, friends and businesses alike. As a member of the Shanti community, you will experience yoga in its truest sense: a journey of mind, body and spirit, facilitated by a team of owners and teachers who are deeply committed to and passionate about helping you discover the best in yourself.


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